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Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 59908625
Closing Date 11 - May - 2024  |  158 Days to go View Tender Details
Engage Halt Contractor at Ichanchandi in Between Khana Jn. & Galsi Stations in ASN-BWN Section over Division for Sale of Tickets to the Passengers.
Sector Industrial Development Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 66987233
Closing Date 09 - Jan - 2024  |  35 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction Sale of Land & Building, Primary Security : Machinery : (1) Double Profile Oblique type Corrugation Machine self - loading system 2 flute roll set with heater etc. m/c suitable run 2 flute wio changing flute roll with AC drive size 52"- 1 No, (2) High Speed Reel to Sheet Cutter as well as 2 ply corrugated board with P/v gear box accessories and electrica size 52"- 1 No, (3) Sheet Pasting Machine Heavy duty with electrical size 75"- 1 No, (4) Board Cutter with stand - 1 No, (5) Thin Blade Slitter Scorer (Designed to cut and crease the corrugated board pneumatic grinder to sharp the blades with variable speed cont, motor manual It/right slitting movement 18 - 1 No, (6) Double Colour Printer Slotter - 1 No, (7) Heavy Duty Power Box Stitching Machine - 1 No, (8) Auto Feeder Conveyor - 1 No.
Sector Other Metal Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 67056322
Closing Date 09 - Jan - 2024  |  35 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale & Disposal Of De-Commissioned Plant & Machinery Of Kolaghat Thermal Power Station (ktps)-wbpdcl Units#1 & 2 (2x210 Mw) Having Total Capacity Of 420 Mw, Hp Turbine (casing & Rotor) With Bearing, Ip Turbine (casing & Rotor)With Bearing, Lp Turbine (casing & Rotor) With Bearing, Turbine Gov, Barring Gear With Motor, Turbine Lo Cooler, Turbine Mop, Starting Oil Pump + Motor, Ac Lub Oil Pump + Motor, Dc Lub Oil Pump + Motor, Jop With Motor, Mot(Main Oil Tank), Top System With Motor, Condenser, Main Air Ejector, Starting Ejector, Ac Seal Oil Pump + Motor, Dc Seal Oil Pump + Motor, Seal Oil Cooler, Damper Tank, Stator Water Pump + Motor, Stator Water Cooler, Dmcw(T) Pump + Motor, Phe(T), Boiler Feed Pump(Bfp) With Motor & Aop, Bfp Lub Oil Cooler, Bfp Working Oil Cooler, Cep Pump With Motor, Drip Pump With Motor, Tas Oil Unit + Motor, Gc-1, Gc-2, Lph-1, Lph-2, Lph-3, Lph-4, Equipment, Deaerator, Hph-5, Hph-6, Hph-7, Hp Bypass Valve With Actuator, Lp Bypass Valve With Actuator, Speeder Gear Motor, Vef Fan + Motor, Cw Pump + Motor, Cooling Tower With 9 Nos Ct Fans+Motors+ Gear Box (including Demolition Of Cooling Towers), Acw Pump With Motor, Turbine Side Valves, Turbine Side Insulations And Cladding, Turbine Side Hanger Support, Dmcw (|t) Make Up Tank, Expansion Tank, Turbine Side Instruments, Impulse Lines That Are, Associated Overground Cables (power, Control, , Turbine Area Compressed Air Pipeline & Valves, Ct Switchgear Unit-1 To Be Demolished, Hydrogen System Including Drier & Pipe Lines, Steam Generating Unit Along With Drum, Id Fan + Motor, Id Fan Lub Oil Pump + Motor, Fd Fan+Motor, Fd Fan Lub Oil Pump + Motor, Pa Fan + Motor, Pa Fan Lub Oil Pump + Motor, Seal Air Fan + Motor, Mill + Motor+Gb, Mill Lub Oil Pump + Motor, Draglink Feeder + Motor, Fo Day Tank, Ldo Day Tank, Dmcw(B) Pp + Motor, Dmsw Pp + Motor, Condensate Transfer Pump + Motor, Phe(B), Cst Tank, Hp Chemical Pp + Motor, Pa Compressor + Motor, Drier & Reciever, Ia Compressor + Motor, Drier & Reciever, Dmcw(B) Make Up Tank, Ac Scanner Air Fan With Motor, Dc Scanner Air Fan With Motor, Boiler Side Hanger Support, Boiler Side Insulation & Cladding, Blow Down Tank, Boiler Side Ducts, Support Structures, Valves, Dampers, Auxiliary Systems Of All Above-Mentioned Equipments, Boiler Side Instruments, Impulse Lines That Are Along With The Main Equipments & Drives, Associated Overground Cables (power, Control, Signal), Cable Rack & Tray, Coal Carrying Pipes, Fuel Oil Pipeline & Valves, Boiler Area Firefighting System Pipeline And Valves, Boiler Area Compressed Air Pipeline & Valves, Chimney For Unit-1 & 2 To Be Demolished, Unit-1 & 2 Hfo Pump House To Be Demolished, Cfbc Boiler Near Unit#1 Hfo Pump House, Electrical Bus System(Ht) & Breakers, U#1 6.6 Kv Unit Bus, U#2 6.6 Kv Unit Bus, Electrical Bus System(Lt) & Breakers, U#1 1r28 Bus, U#2 2r28 Bus, U#1 A8 Bus With Busduct, U#1 A9 Bus With Busduct, A14 Bus, A15 Bus, 1r 55 Bus, 2r55 Bus, U#2 B8 Bus With Busduct, U#2 B9 Bus With Busduct, B14 Bus, B15 Bus, A11 Bus, A12 Bus, A13 Bus, A16 Bus, A17 Bus, A18 Bus, 1r47 Bus, 2r47 Bus, 1r 51 Bus, 1r 52 Bus, 1r 54 Bus, 1r 82 Bus, 1r83 Bus, 1r 56 Bus, B11 Bus, B12 Bus, B13 Bus, B16 Bus, B17 Bus, B18 Bus, 2r 51 Bus, 2r52 Bus, 2r 54 Bus, 2r 82 Bus, 2r 83 Bus, 2r 80 Bus, 2r 56 Bus, 1r73 Bus, Controlandsignalling Panel, Scw Unit-1 Control Panel, Ac/Dc Seal Unit-1 Control Panel With Resistance Box, Dc Lub Control Panel And Resistance Box Unit-1, Dc Jop Starting Panel Unit-1, Top Control Panel Unit-1, Scw Unit-2 Control Panel, Ac/Dc Seal Unit-2control Panel With Resistance Box, Dc Lub Control Panel And Resistance Box Unit-2, Dc Jop Starting Panel Unit-2, Top Control Panel Unit-2, Pac Control Panel Unit-1, Iac Control Panel Unit-1 & 2, Pa Drier Control Panel Unit-1, Ia Drier Control Panel Unit-1 & 2, Pac Control Panel Unit-2, Pa Drier Control Panel Unit-2, Oil Transformers, Tx. A5 With Bus Duct, Tx.A6 With Bus Duct, Tx.1r12 With Bus Duct, Tx.1r13 With Bus Duct, Tx.1r14 With Bus Duct, Tx.B5 With Bus Duct, Tx. B6 With Bus Duct, Tx.2r12 With Bus Duct, Tx.2r13 With Bus Duct, Tx.2r14 With Bus Duct, Tx 1r41, Tx 1r42, Tx 2r41, Tx 2r42, Generator, Dry Type Transformers , Generator, Generator, Unit # 1 & 2, Generator Bus Duct Unit-1, U#1 & 2 Excitation Transformer, Pt Cubicle Unit-1, Ngt With Resistance Box, Generator Bus Duct Unit-2, Pt Cubicle Unit-2, Battery & Charger, Battery Fuse Panel U-1, Float-Boost Charger U-1, Battery Charger Unit-1, U#2 Battery Charger, U#2 Station Battery Bank, Battery Fuse Panel U-2), Battery Charger Unit-2, Lift Item – Em Iph, Passenger/ Goods Lift Of U#1 & U#2, Central Ac System-Unit 1, Aw (air Washary) System 1a And 1 B -- Unit-1 ‘0’ Mtr Towards Gt, Aw (air Washary) System 2a -- Unit-1, 4.5’ Mtrs Towards Gt, Aw (air Washary) System 3a -- Unit-1, 4.5’ Mtrs Towards Boiler, Aw (air Washary) System 4a And 4b -- Unit-1 ‘18’ Mtr Above, Ucr1, Central Ac System-Unit 2, Aw (air Washary) System 1c And 1 D-- Unit-2 ‘0’ Mtr Towards Gt, Aw (air Washary) System 2
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Karnataka Tenders Ref.No 67025840
Closing Date 06 - Jan - 2024  |  32 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction Sale of Property Plots, Land and Building & b) Machinery:- Paper Cup manufacturing machineries- Fully automatic paper cup Forming Machine-Model: BM Ultra-01 No.
Sector Stainless Steel Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 66948323
Closing Date 05 - Jan - 2024  |  31 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction Sale Of Cr Coil, Gp Sheet, Crno Sheet, Hr Cutsheet, Cr Baby Coil, Hr Chequred Plate, Hr Coil, Hr Chequred Coil, Hr Plate, 1-11055233-Cr Steel Coil End-Hard 35.55 To-2-11055311-Cr Steel Coil End-Hard 28 To-3-11055332-Cr Steel Coil End-Hard 39.35 To-4-11055333-Defective Cr Coils 41.5 To-5-11055230-Saleable Gp Scrap Category-1 61.555 To-6-11055335-Saleable Gp Scrap Category-1 61.425 To-7-11055231-Saleable Gp Scrap Category-Ii 63.355 To-8-11055334-Saleable Gp Scrap Category-Ii 60.755 To-9-11055232-Hr Coils From Crm Category-I 39.55 To-10-11055196-Chequered Coils Category-I 31.64 To-11-11055117-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 57.39 To-12-11055127-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 57.5 To-13-11055128-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 61.568 To-14-11055129-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 61.907 To-15-11055130-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 58.05 To-16-11055131-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 63.59 To-17-11055312-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 60.78 To-18-11055313-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 62.39 To-19-11055314-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 52.9 To-20-11055315-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 27.4 To-21-11055317-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 36.56 To-22-11055337-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 54.94 To-23-11055339-Hr Coils Category-I From Hsm2 56.86 To-24-11055336-Hr Plate Cuttings Category-Ii From Hsm-2 43.05 To-25-11055214-Chequered Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 47.02 To-26-11055217-Mixed Plate Cuttings Category I And Ii 41.4 To-27-11055237-Mixed Plate Cuttings Category I And Ii 39.7 To-28-11055202-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 51.35 To-29-11055207-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 43.55 To-30-11055208-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 45.5 To-31-11055209-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 38.85 To-32-11055216-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 45.25 To-33-11055234-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 46.9 To-34-11055235-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 48.9 To-35-11055238-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 43.1 To-36-11055262-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 58.75 To-37-11055265-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 48.85 To-38-11055266-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 39.75 To-39-11055267-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 36.05 To-40-11055316-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 41.6 To-41-11055319-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 57.25 To-42-11055330-Plate Cuttings Category-Ii 48.75 To-43-11055187-Plate Cuttings Category-I 33.1 To-44-11055189-Plate Cuttings Category-I 31.65 To-45-11055190-Plate Cuttings Category-I 44.8 To-46-11055191-Plate Cuttings Category-I 30.35 To-47-11055210-Plate Cuttings Category-I 54.95 To-48-11055211-Plate Cuttings Category-I 54.95 To-49-11055218-Plate Cuttings Category-I 43.25 To-50-11055219-Plate Cuttings Category-I 37.75 To-51-11055220-Plate Cuttings Category-I 25.65 To-52-11055227-Plate Cuttings Category-I 25.15 To-53-11055264-Plate Cuttings Category-I 51.6 To-54-11055318-Plate Cuttings Category-I 61 To-55-11055329-Plate Cuttings Category-I 41.55 To-56-11055192-Semi Rolled Plates From Hsm2 45.04 To-57-11055340-Semi Rolled Plates From Hsm2 45.66 To-58-11055074-Semi Rolled Plates From Npm 40 To-59-11055075-Semi Rolled Plates From Npm 70.8 To-60-11055124-Semi Rolled Plates 41.05 To-61-11054947-Cobbled Plates 32.05 To-62-11055194-Crno Saleable Scrap 62.04 To-63-11055221-Crno Saleable Scrap 61.68 To-64-11055322-Crno Saleable Scrap 61.65 To-65-11055226-C R Coil End (hi-si) 43.97 To-66-11055323-C R Coil End (hi-si) 45.7 To-67-11055341-C R Coil End (hi-si) 42.17 To-68-11055198-End Cutg.Ofcoils Incoil/Stgt.Form From E 53.25 To-69-11055263-Steel Coil End Cutting Scrap(Str.Form) 12.2 To-70-11055320-Steel Coil End Cutting Scrap(Str.Form) 10.2 To.
Sector Stainless Steel Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 67056793
Closing Date 05 - Jan - 2024  |  31 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Cr Steel Coil End-hard, Defective Cr Coils, Saleable Gp Scrap Category-1, Chequered Coils Category-i, Hr Coils Category-i From Hsm2, Hr Plate Cuttings Category-ii From Hsm-2, Chequered Plate Cuttings Category-ii, Mixed Plate Cuttings Category I & Ii, Plate Cuttings Category-ii, Semi Rolled Plates From Npm, Crno Saleable Scrap, Steel Coil End Cutting Scrap(str.form)
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 66987890
Closing Date 01 - Jan - 2024  |  27 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of Survey No.38/5B an extent of Acre 0.03 Cents equivalent to 1308 Sq.ft. - Joint 1and 2 Sub Registration District presently K.Sathanur Sub Registration District, Trichy Taluk, within Gundur Village, Panchayat Board Limits, Gundur Village, Thiruvalarchipatti, Chellamuthupuram, the property comprised in Natham Survey No.38/5B an extent of Acre 0.03 Cents equivalent to 1308 Sq.ft., together with R.C.C. Terraced house, pathway and all easement rights is situated within the following Four Boundaries: South of: Plot belongs to Murugan, East of: belongs to Perumal, North of: East West Road, West of: North South Road. Extent of: Acre 0.03 Cents equivalent to1308 Sq.ft
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 64394405
Closing Date 31 - Dec - 2023  |  26 Days to go View Tender Details
Disposal Of The Items Of Institute, Computers With Monitor, Vistors Chairs, Ro25ltrs., Celling Fan, Ro 12ltrs., Inventor With Battery, Heater Halogen, Wall Fan, Sanitizer Dispenser, Heater Blower, Bio-Matric System, , , Intercom Tel. Instrument, Cctv Camera, Cane Chairs, Chair Multi Seaters, Book Case, Steel Almirah, Computer Table, Computer Chair, Cooler Symphony, Split Ac 1.5ton, Lcd Soni Tv, Instrument Trolly, Micropipette, Micropipette, Refrigerator, Esr Stand, Haemocyto Meter, Microscope Ordinary, Visitor Chairs, Ca50 Automated, Urine Chem. Analyzer, Refrigerator, Dlc Counter (oxford), Centrifuge Machine, Revolving Ss Stool, Lcd Soni Tv, Washing Machine, Wheel Chair, Insect Killer, B P Operator Mercury, B P Operator Mercury, Water Cooler, Weighing Machine, Tems Machine With 2 Channel, Weighing Machine, Hand Gym Kit Board, Developing Container 13.5l., Ss Hangar8x10, Ss Hanger 10x12, Ss Hanger 15x12, Tray Steel, K S Cabinet Vertical, Bp Apparatus (mercury), Sterilizer Drum , Oil Heater.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 66598099
Closing Date 29 - Dec - 2023  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Awarding Contract for Sale of Ticket for The Dinhata College Halt (DCH) Station on Commission Basis for The Period of 05 (Five) Years.
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 66751530
Closing Date 29 - Dec - 2023  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Movable and Immovable Properties, Land and Industrial Building, Plant and Machinery for Cold Storage Unit, Ammonia Compressors, Induction Motor, Induction Motor Starter, Pipelines, Valves, Fittings, High Pressure Ammonia Gas Receiver, Overhead, Motor, Atmospheric Condenser Coil, Ceiling Fan, Control Panel Board with Bus Bar, Power Transformer, Diesel Engine, DG Set, Conveyor System, Cold Chamber Inside Electrical Installation, Submersible Pump with 250 Feet Boring, Land, Residential Land and Building.
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